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Feature Film CONTROL

ESE touts how stories adapted from Asia could brighten American Cinema, but our friend Jack Messitt (Midnight Movie) goes against our tide with his most recent script CONTROL. Adapted to CHINA and with a very exciting look, Jack’s writing provides an excellent foundation for Director Kenneth Bi’s (The Drummer) visual extravaganza. Getting more and more […]

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The Solution gets a Siren Call to SYNCHRONICITY

Andreas Wiseman of Screen International gives a great example of leveraged relationships in this article of interest http://m.screendaily.com/5044319.article.  I appreciate it when professionals in their craft come together to offer what individuals cannot. Not going into detail, it is my perspective that to be really effective in the online marketplace more producers, sales and 2.0’ers need […]

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Raleigh Studios looks to expand into Utah

Thoughts inspired by LA Times article Supporting our theory that boutique studios are more sustainable and versatile than their mega-studio counterparts (Asia take note), Raleigh Studios is sealing up its commitment to build in Park City. Exciting times! While the article mentions the importance of tax incentives, what if a governing body did pull its […]

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Kerkorian Preparing a Return to Movies

Kerkorian Preparing a Return to Movies Wall Street Journal Article At 94 Kirk Kerkorian is doing exactly what we’d do if we were his age, or our age and had the means. As a disruptor, Kerkorian is putting his money where his mouth is. He knows that to make money in todays media centric megaworld […]

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