ARTICLE:  Seattle firms plan senior housing for China’s booming elderly population.

Providing care to China’s elderly…what does that have to do with entertainment? Beside being an excellent business opportunity on its own and the fact there should be more content created for the elderly, not much. But in relative terms:  Many people I talk with express how they don’t understand the media/entertainment business. I always tell them that itsvery similar to other business and this article is a prime example.

Right Idea + Longevity/Commitment + Timing = the Opportunity to Execute

Just like a film or TV show, Cascade Healthcare won’t know the outcome of their investment until the project is complete and people pay to stay. So next time you run across someone that doesn’t understand the entertainment business, point them to this article. Maybe care of the elderly (a long reach) and the decades of patience it takes to set up business in China will be something they can connect with.

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