RUMOR: The fact that it is being talked about is an amazing way to wrap up 2011. What is it? MVP thinking acquiring GMA Network!

As Margot Torres shares that Philippines AdCon 2011 pulled off a “hat trick” in getting Chairmen of the top three TV networks, Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III of ABS-CBN, Atty. Felipe Gozon of GMA Network and Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP) of TV 5 for discussion on the Future of Media, it seems the talk inspired MVP  to take it one step further an acquire GMA Network.

As GMA’s rating are on the ‘rise’, I say “If you cant beat ’em, buy ’em”. While word on the street is saying MVP offered Php 500B, GMA’s market-cap is Php 22B ($+-350m), MVP says he is on holiday and will provide formal response after the first of the year. While Php 500B is much too much, I don’t put it past the Super Chairman in trying to acquire his rival. He knows that if the massive GMA Mahogany is too much shade for his fruit trees, he and the TV5 team can hack away at it with a bolo hoping to fall it over time…or he can invest in a chain saw, rip it down, and start reaping revenues from the sale of the processed Mahogany, and his now enriched fruit BEARING trees.

Then again, while there is also news of a co-investment between TV5 and an Indonesian firm, maybe Manny is looking both ways: covering his bets with a buy or sell. Oh well, it’s all just chika chika until after the new year. But what interesting chismis it is!

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