Raleigh Studios looks to expand into Utah

Thoughts inspired by LA Times article

Supporting our theory that boutique studios are more sustainable and versatile than their mega-studio counterparts (Asia take note), Raleigh Studios is sealing up its commitment to build in Park City. Exciting times!

While the article mentions the importance of tax incentives, what if a governing body did pull its support of incentives for film after Raleigh breaks ground? This location does have a natural draw of creative talent. Outside of Sundance activities there are other content creators in the area including  Fischer Productions who hold court in Park City when they aren’t  chasing fish-tales on the high-seas. On a 10-year growth run, no telling what formats Fischer is looking to develop in the future which could benefit from this studio. Additionally, there is the forever flow of  tourists coming for Park City’s  year-round pleasures…very easy to turn this studio into a convention center if need be. This makes the feasibility of this facility in UTAH much more palatable than, lets say, Michigan.

We wrap up this High Tide tidbit reflecting on this fact:  production requirements outside of LA come and go quick and regular. For example, look back to the ’70’s and a once state-of-the-art  $40m studio  down the road from Park City in Orem. In a quick 3 decades, this studio has more in common with Dinosaur National Park in Vernal, UT than its creators ever envisioned.


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