The Solution gets a Siren Call to SYNCHRONICITY

Andreas Wiseman of Screen International gives a great example of leveraged relationships in this article of interest  I appreciate it when professionals in their craft come together to offer what individuals cannot. Not going into detail, it is my perspective that to be really effective in the online marketplace more producers, sales and 2.0’ers need to follow The Solution and Siren Studios path to Synchronicity. I’ve seen too many +$150m megastudios being built in various Asian countries (still too early) to know the global market needs more boutique facilities.  Siren Studios seems to be  geared more towards indie-production (size/number of stages) which is perfect for the emerging markets. Depending on the slate, this is the type of partnership VC’s should be looking at: well rounded with control points at various stages of the dev-dist process. Another upside is that when Hulu/Netflix/Amazon ups their ante on creating IP in content they will want to BUY an existing machine, not necessarily create one from scratch (ironic).

From this article, Nestel said: “The partnership with Siren Studios opens the doors to those ambitions and our aim to be a 21st century approach to the old studio system by squeezing out production inefficiencies and streamlining the production workflow,” he continued.

Nestle is definitely building on his comments from a SCREEN article in January ’12 by Jeremy Kay where he stated: “In today’s world you have to be more than just a sales agent to be in a position to bring the very best theatrical titles to the buyers and that takes production funding,” Wilson said.

“The Solution is a powerful new global entity that not only provides fully supported international distribution but also financing at all levels that allows us to partner with top filmmakers from the very beginning of a film. The Solution is perfectly positioned for current market conditions so I am thrilled to be partnering with Myles on this exciting venture.”

I don’t have details on the deal, but it if is more than a paper trail involving actual integration then I’m very excited to see how their complete workflow evolves (including possible sell-off) in the next few years. I’ll be watching. How about you?



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