UA&P: Challenges facing the Philippine Film Industry

Receiving an invitation from Dr. Villegas, I hopped at the opportunity to be part of this round-table discussion. My observations on this topic are vast so it felt good to have an audience.

What will become of the Philippine Film Industry? This is a BIG question with more tentacles than you can imagine. Three of us were given the opportunity to present our thoughts on the matter from varying positions. Hopefully Dr. Villegas and his team of economists can digest our thoughts and expound them into non-creative, non-dramatic format so the Philippines has hard data as to what needs to be done to answer the question above.

Matt asking SM Theater rep how they factor revenues to the PRODUCER on SM X-deal ticket transactions.

Cong. Tinga (chairs the House of Reps ICT Committee) walking us through the .gov’s process in policymaking for media/film.

-Angelo (Sarg) Lacuesta – Executive Director, the Philippine Film Export Service Office, presented an update on THE STATE OF THE PHILIPPINE FILM INDUSTRY viagra discount. His information was well crafted and delivered with a bit of personal experience. I feel he is on the right path being reviewed for change to redirect the focus.

-Jovi Dacanay – Economics Professor, UA&P, presented a well crafted review of Philippine Box Office Ticket Sales. Professor was also able to provide graphs and documentation painting a good picture on the life-cycle of a theatrically distributed film in the Phils.

-I presented my thoughts on “Converging Media and the New Marketing and Distribution Opportunities”. The only Expat and last in line, I kept my delivery condensed and quick to make sure the audience attention did not sway.

Oddly enough, the three presenters ideas reverted back to similar threads; further education of indie filmmakers in the entrepreneurial aspects of filmmaking, additional government reform and aligned support of the industry as a whole, and the creation of bridges between independent and corporate producers.

I appreciate opportunities like this. I was able to study the local and regional Film Industry a layer deeper in. And because I was able to listen as well, I learned new information. Specifically a bit more into ‘what’ the executive .gov is thinking when they vote on decisions affecting the Film Industry. I can tell you they are thinking of much bigger concerns than any single film, tax incentive or cultural issue.

Prof. Dacanay, SM Theaters Rep., Me, Sarg Lacuesta, Cong. Tinga, Dr. Villegas

At the end of the day, the Film Industry is much more than making films. If you want to be a filmmaker in the Film Industry, integrating yourself in to opportunities like this adds perspective. After all anyone can make a film nowadays, but it takes more than a film to make an industry. I appreciate the economist who carries as much passion about the Film Industry as the auteur.

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