Welcome to Evening Sea!

Welcome to the start of Evening Sea Entertainment. My name is Matt Lubetich. Through Evening Sea I hope to work with the best and brightest KNOWN and up-coming OUTLIER writers and character generators in order to bring you engaging storytelling through the big screen, small screen, gaming and other interactive outlets vend viagra.

Let’s face it, Producers now live in a world with minimal technical boundaries where TONS of content can be created. But should tons of content be created, and in ‘what’ format? I wish the answer was simple. As a Producer it is my job to seek out the stories that will make compelling/entertaining content and package them in a manner that best suits their innate attributes and audience.

The goal of this site is to not only showcase Evening Sea content, but give insight to the how and why it was selected, developed and created. So please return often and follow along. And always remember that while the tags and hash’s will change, stories and characters are the core to enjoyable content.

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