Then Cessna installed auxiliary tanks in the wings, good for an extra 40 total gallons. The Cessna 310's full-fuel payload varies depending upon the model, equipment and fuel tank arrangement. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Goodyear Aerospace Corp Cessna 310 RH Fuel Cell Bladder PN 0823343-6 0823343-4 at the best online prices at eBay! Cessna 310 / Model Prices During its early years, the Model 310 was sold for $59400. The Insight GEM is a valuable addition and permits more accurate leaning by far than a single probe system. Might as well do both right away! The competition for the Cessna 310 has changed from its introduction. This group offers advice and knowledge sharing across all parts of the ownership process, from finding the right Cessna 310 to buy to maintenance or flying tips. It is fairly long and spindly, and more delicate than that of some other airplanes. The tanks are generally filled after each flight. Still, for a twin-engine aircraft, the Cessna 310 performs reasonably with only one running. The 310 was built through the 1957 model year. In 1959, shortly after the types introduction to the market in 1954, Cessna began offering the Model 310C equipped with the uprated IO-470-D engines, featuring fuel injection and with an output of 260 hp. Fuel flows at the rate of eight gallons per hour. The more limited performance of Pipers offerings reflected positively on the price, however: the Apache and Twin Comanche were cheaper to both buy and operate, which made it more attractive than the Cessna for many pilots who did not necessarily need all the speed and range provided by the Model 310. Each of the latter can accommodate two sets of golf clubs. Contains fuel resistant O-rings as called out in the manual and the valve plate gasket. document.getElementsByClassName("phone")[0].getElementsByTagName("a")[0].href = "tel:800-433-0814"; Cessna 182. This model drew upon the established 55 Baron and added a stretched fuselage, paired with the same O-470 family that powered the Cessna 310. If the pulled up section is near the wing root the float part of the fuel level sensor will also be pulled up, and the fuel gauge readings will be wrong. The landing gear system has been said to be the most common source of trouble for Cessna 310 operators. These characteristics were a perfect match for business fliers, who needed to be across the country on short notice to do their thing. Pulsing exhaust gases in the augmenters were supposed to create a suction of cooling air through the cowling, on the premise that at high power, more suction would be created and therefore cooling would be improved. Theres a STOL kit available from Sierra Industries, but the cost is so high that its value is questionable. Even without radar, some 310s with full fuel push the forward CG limit with just a pilot in front, so there are times when seating has to be assigned. Featured Refinements: Cessna 310 - Remove Filter; Featured Refinements. The shortcomings of the Apache were partially addressed with the Aztec series, but in 1963 it passed the torch onto the more powerful and maneuverable Twin Comanche. The 310 is a hefty airplane, particularly in its later variants. I acquired a 1975 Cessna turbo 310 R model in 1991, and have never regretted it. If you need to get above weather or take advantage of winds at altitude, this plane still climbs well at 18- to 20000 feet, while the normally aspirated 310 runs out of steam at about 10- to 12000. Also high up on the list was the fuel system; not for any particular design issue, but simply because theres a lot of plumbing involved. Fortunately, aside from the gear troubles noted earlier, there doesn't seem to be any one recurring trouble spot with the 310s. Stalls on the Cessna 310 are not described as particularly nasty but are still not quite as gentle as on Cessnas high-wing singles. The resale value of Cessna 310 varies wildly based on the age of the aircraft, its physical state, adherence to maintenance schedules, and a lesser extent, the modifications installed by the parting owner. If I had the $$, I'd convert mine to a Colemill. The registration records showed that 7LJ had been based in Albuquerque, N.M. for at least 20 years. Used parts- We've parted out over 350 Cessna twins, from 303 thru 441. Used Goodies!We have a nice supply ofthese systems and parts: Engine accessories of all types are in stock, along with many other rotables. ), Many used parts are not listed on our web site parts, We have a full-time sheet metal crew assigned. Installation of the tank was pretty easy. A Model 310B tops off at 7700 ft, whereas a Model T310R can reach a whopping 17200 ft with an engine feathered. In one aircraft, maximum payload is 1059 pounds, which can handle six FAA adults (170 pounds) and 39 pounds of baggage. So-called "Stabila Tips," with an upward cant, arrived with the 1963 G model. Engine-out performance is better than average, with normally aspirated single-engine rate of climb pegged at anywhere from 330 to 380 FPM, depending on model. These vents have top etched into the valve body. This not only renders the airplane officially unairworthy, its dangerous. With the stretched cabin of the 1963 310H, more baggage space was opened up. One significant difference was the switch from overwing from underwing exhaust on the 310I, and the accompanying introduction of wing lockers. Still, the target audience had not changed, and thus it never quite managed to rival the Cessna 310 at home turf. The Eagle website contains a long list of hints to make installation and removal easier, and I can tell you that making the bladder more flexible by heating it is a help. We are a collective group of airline instructors, and pilots dedicated to all things aviation. Early 310s could manage 415 feet per minute on one engine at maximum gross weight (4,700 pounds in the 310B). Next time, Ill polish the outside surface of each tube with a scouring pad and lube the tube with a little light oil to lessen friction. . The biggest gap is between the 310Q and 310R-the 1974 310Q averages $117000, while the 1975 310Q averages $139000. The IO-470s used on earlier airplanes are much less likely to develop cracks. The engines are Continental Model IO-520-Ms and are rated at 285 horsepower each. Local Pickup. We noted several cases of full or partial gear collapse thanks to parts failures. This is primarily because of the exhaust thrust augmenter tubes positioning. George, I just did a 182 this summer. In the event of a fuel pump or engine failure, the aux tank on that side becomes uselessno crossfeed from the aux tanks, and no transfer is possible. When it happens, this is a relatively simple fix but requires some attention during pre-flight inspections. Due to its popularity and longevity, many modifications and upgrade kits were designed around the Cessna 310 family. The dawn of the jet age, fully realized during the Korean War, had signaled a major shift in the American militarys design requirements and procurement decisions. This can be avoided by minimizing aileron inputs and balancing the aircraft with rudder. This involved replacing the Continental IO-470 engines with the turbocharged intercooled Lycoming TIO-540, with an output of 350 hp. Although my remans started immediately, ran smoothly, and used very little oil (about 1 qt. Reliance AeroProducts International is a FAA Certified Repair Station and provider of fuel cell repairs and re-certifications. The proboscis grew 32 inches, and housed a sizable baggage compartment. Short field performance is great given the aircrafts size and weight. This can be managed by either stabilizing the aircraft with rudder inputs or temporarily switching to the main (wingtip) tanks. Payload in a lightly equipped 310C with auxiliary tanks might exceed 700 pounds, while it could be as low as 400 pounds in a 310R. Beyond the initial production models, fuel was distributed between the two main tip tanks, two optional auxiliary ones, and another optional pair in the wing lockers. I am an ATP with about 1200 hours in light twins. The aircrafts service ceiling remained the same: 20000 ft for standard models and 25000 ft for units fitted with turbocharged versions of the O-470 or O-520 engines. Owners of T310s who want engine upgrades can get them from RAM Aircraft. Additionally, the company began offering three-blade propellers as a factory option. All overhauled or repaired aircraft fuel cells are returned to service with a current 8130 and carry a one year warranty. Removing and replacing a bladder is not a difficult process. MaintenanceA scan of Service Difficulty Reports shows, not surprisingly, that the majority of squawks arise from the landing gear. ModsAs with all twins for which they are available, we highly recommend the installation of vortex generators. Where some versions of the TSIO-520 have been pushed to 325 hp, the 310's engines are practically loafing at 285 hp. Combined with the relative fragility of the gear, these can be a real problem. Smooth landings are the rule instead of the exception. Removal and replacement labor usually runs between 10 and 12 hours. Robertson Performance Systems (800 430-1585) provides a vortex generator kit which not only decreases the Vmc by 10 knots but it also increases the zero-fuel weight by 385 pounds and the gross takeoff weight by 185 pounds. Whether the difference is worth it depends on the desired operational profile, which stands true today where the difference in used prices has kept the same proportions. Also, consider it a bonus if the airplane is fitted with retrofit Cleveland brakes; the original Goodyears are known to be somewhat troublesome and expensive to maintain. Cushioning the edges of the access hole with tape lessens the chances of damaging the bladder during removal (and installation) and reduces the amount of skin rubbed raw while working through the hole. McCloskey said that repair is a good option since even the most extensive repair is less than half the cost of buying a new tank. I am a professional aircraft broker who specializes in Cessna twins. . Most shops either stock or can order whatever you require to keep it running within short notice. The Cessna 310 saw plenty of experimentation in its design. } When I began to get a good whiff of fuel after filling the right main of 7 Lima Juliet, my 1966 Cessna 182J, I knew it was bladder time. Marine Boat Fuel Bladders; Flexible Water Diesel Holding Yacht Tanks; . Plenty of Model 310 units in the market have undergone a much-needed avionics rework over the years, but it is still possible to run into original spec aircraft, which means a somewhat steep price to bring them to modern standards. This has caused accidents. The keys to getting great bladder service life start with the installation. Basic empty weight started at 2840 pounds for the original. For one thing, the all-electric gear is not particularly quick to stow. In line with many 1950s Cessna products, the cockpits were not originally arranged in the now-classic basic-T configuration, which can be ergonomically challenging for pilots used to it. Int. It is important to find a good A&P to help care for your 310. Not so on the 310. The latest is a 1976 T-310, purchased new. Cessna part 1200065-5 Fuel Cell. Then I used a mirror and flashlight to make sure I had freed all the clips holding the topand the bottomcorners of the tank in position before removing the bladder. Landing over a 50-foot obstacle in a 310R will consume 1790 feet, compared to a 58 Barons 2498. The next significant change was in 1962, with the 310G. Handling on the Cessna 310 is in line with expectations for most Cessna aircraft pleasant, predictable handling, with certain aspects scaled up in line with the series larger dimensions compared to the Model 152 or 172 many learned to fly on. Answer: Today, a Cessna 310 typically costs anywhere between $30000 and $150000 depending on the aircrafts age, state, and fit. Cessna was moving aggressively into the business market, and the 310 was a key part, and first element, of that plan. Put your ear down by the filler cap and open it. After all the nipples were free and all the hangar clips were removed, I rolled the tank into a tube and slid it out the hole in the top of the wing. This includes both liability and hull coverage. Flying the Cessna 310 is, on the other hand, a pleasure. A fully equipped 310 with wing locker tanks can have up to ten fuel drain points, eight fuel pumps and a rather complex plumbing system. In 1987 over Delta, Utah a pilot unfamiliar with the fuel system crashed because he thought the mains were in the wings and the auxes at the tips. Speed has always been a strong 310 selling point, for good reason. Cessna 182 Fuel Bladder, Main Tank. I think FFC in Memphis makes their's out of the same material and maybe some others. The 310 competed more directly against the Twin Commander 520 (discontinued that same year) and Beech Twin Bonanza, which was dropped a few years later in favor of the Travel Air and 55 Baron. (We do not part out singles.). Cessna Models - 210 Models - Fuel Cell/ Bladder - Knots 2U, Ltd. Home Cessna Models 210 Models Fuel Cell/ Bladder Fuel Cell/ Bladder Sort By: sku: EA-1200065-2E Fuel Cell, RH Main Tank. The Hints page of the Eagle Fuel Cells website suggests loosening all clamps and waiting to let the rubber relax. View cart for details. 1975 Cessna T-310R airplane for sale located in Orlando, Florida. The airplane can cover roughly 500 NM in still air with max payload. The fuel vent valve must be reinstalled with the hinge line up. Power is provided by the Continental O-470 family of engines for most models, though not exclusively. Many operators have reported the problems to be gone after overhauls while keeping the chrome cylinders, while others found solutions by installing steel cylinders during teardown work. Hes a former tech rep and editor for Cessna Pilots Association and served as associate editor for AOPA Pilot until 2008. Vortex generators will give you a much greater return for one-tenth the cost. Cells are evaluated, repaired, and returned to service in accordance with US AIRFORCE TO-1-1-3 or NAVAIR 01-1A-35. Radio navigation initially included LORAN gear, but the networks demise with the emergence of satellite navigation systems has made it little more than ballast for most pilots. I strongly recommend the turbocharged models. Another scenario goes like thisPilot: Top off the mains, please. Beyond the broader clubs, a popular option among Model 310 owners is The Twin Cessna Flyers. The new FAA certified 900-HP Daher Kodiak 900 turboprop single combines TBM 960 and Kodiak 100 DNA into one airplane. A long-range airplane has six tanks and 10 fuel pumps. The bladder I purchased was a much smoother and a much more flexible tank than the removed tank, which was stiff and felt semi-rigid by comparison. Newer model 310s benefited from a one-year warranty on the airframe, the avionics, and the engine. An optional large baggage door was introduced on the 310P. Sturdy, low-hour airframes that had enjoyed their heyday during the Second World War and over the Korean peninsula had been struck from the military inventory, and many buyers were quick to snap them up on auctions for prices much below their valuation. (We do not part out singles. PerformanceThis is a strong point of the 310. Well leave it to the reader to decide. The aircraft is certified in the normal category, which means intentional spins and aerobatics are not permitted. If you have a hankering for old and complex airplanes, the 310 might well fit the bill, so long as you know that the initial maintenance bills can be thrilling. While propeller-driven aircraft were the primary victims of this paradigm shift, they found a second life in the civilian market. Cessna introduced their canted Stabila-Tip tanks, said to be more aerodynamically efficient than the old tanks. I also had to remove the tank sump quick drain fittings and the fuel quantity transmitter and float. It applies to the 310, 340 and all piston-powered 400 series Cessnas except those with trailing link main gear. Hot refuel . In 1975 a big change occurred with the 310R II and T-310R II. Classified Ad with Best Offer. If this is done properly, trouble can be avoided, but failure to treat the gear right increases the odds of failure dramatically. Occasionally I consider trading up to a 414 or a 421, but the marginal benefits of the air-stair door and pressurization compared with the tremendous cost differential dont make them worth it. Most airplanes have just one of these, and its contents cannot be consumed directly by the engines. Fuel capacity of 102 gallons Minimum octane fuel of 100 Average fuel burn of 28 gallons in an hour Takeout weight of 4,830 lbs Landing weight of 4,600 lbs The estimated standard weight of 3.125 lbs Estimated maximum load of 1,750 lbs Baggage capacity of 200 lbs The oil capacity of 12 quarts with each engine Cannot exceed the speed of 215 KIAS We typically remove the aft two seats (very easy to do), leaving a cavernous baggage area along with the two wing lockers. Climb, speed, and range performance on the 58 Baron was on par with the 310s. In the past three years I have focused on 310s and 340s, generally listing six to eight 310s and selling two or three a month. Annuals have averaged $1500-2000, which may seem low-but not unrealistic if you look for an airplane that has been flown and maintained in a consistent manner. The 310 makes for a good, stable IFR platform, according to owners, with excellent cruise stability. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. During the more critical phases of flight like take-offs and landings, these make for a much safer ride for the pilot, particularly in emergencies like a single-engine failure. How good an investment is a twin? Installation requires approximately 25 man hours; dimensions 29" 17.5" 9". Search more Cessna airplanes on Hangar67. Cessna entered the light-twin market a clear overdog in late 1954. While these prices are only listed ones and can be negotiated down, there are also aircraft that exceed the bracket considerably, but not without good reason. I recommend them. Lineperson: Yes, sir, whereupon the auxiliaries get filled to the brim. note: Mr. Temple sent us one of these packets. The Twin Bonanza, in turn, had a rather short life in the market and lingered on primarily as a military trainer, but its performance and high operational costs made it unable to compete with the Cessna 310. The 310R was the final development of the airplane, and stayed in production until the line was closed down in 1981. The first engines fitted were a pair of Continental O-470-B carbureted engines outputting 240 hp each. - We've parted out over 350 Cessna twins, from 303 thru 441. VGs are also available from Robertson. A new bladder should provide good service for at least 20 years and much longer if you take steps to keep the top surface of the bladder cool. Check with your mechanic to see if he or she is willing to supervise as you take on the through-the-hole job of bladder R&R. Eagle Fuel Cells notes recommend grounding the airframe to lessen the possibility of generating a static electricity-generated fire. His brother, father, and grandfather are all pilots. Delete cookies, By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. All of the major bladder repair companies offer a test and advise option that clarifies the repair/new decision. Part # Aircraft Capacity Weight Dimensions 115100 AA-5, -5A, -5B 18 gal 20 lbs 29" 17.5" 9" Long Range. The landing gear retraction mechanism is electrically actuated, with no pneumatic or hydraulic aids, which increases travel time and thus keeps the airframe draggier for longer while the pilot handles the emergency. The props are subject to a couple of ADs: these include the infamous McCauley prop inspection AD (95-24-05) and 94-17-3, repetitive inspection of the prop hub grease fittings. being added back to the mains. Ask any line person where the main tanks are on a given airplane, and its likely theyll point to the wing. The engines on many 310s are Continental 520s, which have a well-known propensity for case cracking. The torque specs for the 10-32 and -28 screws and bolts used to complete the installation were printed on the bladder and are on the suppliers websites. Depending on the option fitted, this could expand the aircrafts capacity from 102 gallons up to 207 in total. Putting the main tanks all the way out on the wing tips means long fuel lines, and the large number of tanks, drains and pumps means a lot of fittings that can leak. Presumably, the canted tanks were to improve lateral stability by imparting additional wing dihedral. Jamie's partner also works in aviation as a mechanical engineer. Then I renewed the bay tape where necessary. All those tanks can carry a great deal of fuel, making for six-hour endurance in later models. The nose was extended a little starting with the 310K, which helps spread the load. Cessna part 1200065-5 $1,485.00 SKU: EA-1200065-5E Add Installation Kit For This Fuel Cell: Construction - Extra grade fabric used most times best suited for Jet A. Single-engine service ceiling went up with the turbo models, to 17,200 feet in the T310R; a 310B could hold 7,700 feet on one engine. According to owners and 310 support groups, parts are readily available for the airplane, although, as is true with any model these days, the costs can be dear. Then the rubber of each nipple can be softened by wrapping it in a towel or rag thats been dipped in hot water. First, all 310s suck more fuel from the tanks than the engines will use; both the pressure carburetor and fuel injection models have a return line from the engine compartments. The aircraft tends to drop a wing quickly; an undesirable trait made even more so due to the tendency in most twins to roll hard into the dead engine in case of failure at low speeds. Make. Come join us! Certain traits on the Model 310 can catch an inexperienced pilot off-guard in case of single engine failure during take-off or landing. Non-turbocharged models were on offer for around $200000. The most recent type-specific AD, 90-02-13, covers the main landing gear barrel inner bearings. Out of 225 SDRs (for about 150 different airplanes), we counted more than 40 regarding the gear alone. For the baseline model, the aircraft has a length of 27 ft, with a wingspan of 35 ft and a height of 10 ft 6 in with the landing gear extended. Use a very sharp pick to scratch the debris out of the screw head. My airplane is an honest six-seater with a useful load of 1600 pounds. When we're not in the air, we're here helping others how to join us here at Aviator Insider. Short-field performance is quite good on paper. When you smell fuel outside the airplane for an hour or two after topping off the fuel but not when the fuel level is down, the most likely cause is age-related deterioration of the top of your bladder. As the maximum weights increased, the single-engine climb rate decreased; the T310R, at its 5,500-pound maximum, is supposed to ascend at 390 fpm at sea level with one feathered. These tanks are bladder-type cells which supplement the main tank fuel quantity. All Cessna Aircraft Cessna 150 | Cessna 152 | Cessna 162 Skycatcher | Cessna 165 Airmaster | Cessna 170 | Cessna 172 Skyhawk | Hence the following fascinating tidbit: a 1981 Beech A36 Bonanza, average price new $160,000, now goes for about $200,000. It greatly eases the task of loading and arranging aft baggage. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. The airplane is approved for day and night VFR/IFR operations when equipped in accordance with F.A.R. Aside from another bump in gross weight and the move to 285 HP Continental IO-520M engines on the normally aspirated model, the 310R got a whacking great nose job. I fly the aircraft about 100 hours per year and total hourly expenses have been $178. The single-engine ceiling, however, grew considerably in the turbocharged versions. The aircraft is rather nose heavy on the take-off roll if the trim is left on neutral and risks pitching up into a stall if set too far aft. A 1981 Piper Aztec (250 HP engines) about $157,000. He ran the mains dry. The airplane can also be a handful to fly, though pilots note that with proper training and due diligence, it can make a good IFR platform. (The tuna tanks also had a fuel-pickup problem and an AD mandated a hefty increase in unusable fuel.) The popular 400 series followed in 1965 with the ill-fated 411. Cessna 210. The R models have a zero-fuel weight limitation, i.e. Early production models up to 1964 are known to have a noisier cabin than other units. This 310, with canted tanks, swept fin and short nose, is one of the most attractive light twins ever built. According to owners and mechanics, the 470s live a long and happy life under 310 cowls, and the number of service difficulty reports slated for the 470-powered airplanes is proportionally lower than for the IO-520 and TSIO-520 versions. The one problem is that Cessna advertises the 310 as a six-place airplane. I flight plan for 175 knots and firmly believe in the highest recommended manifold pressure and lowest recommended RPM settings for the desired percentage of power. Pitch response is heavier, with light roll controls and good longitudinal stability. In the meantime, Jamie passes all of his knowledge about flying, planes, and flight simulators on to the readers at Aviator Insider. The increase in weight came with a penalty in stall speeds: when clean, these went from 73 KIAS on the Cessna 310D to 79 KIAS on the Cessna 310R, while in landing configuration, they went from 64 KIAS to 72 KIAS. The result is an Belvoir Media Group, LLC. The gear has a number of critical components that must be attended to and properly rigged during annual inspections. As mentioned above, the long gear legs make the airplane sit much higher than some pilots are used to. Maximum boost for a sea-level takeoff is a moderate 32 inches. Using a fuel level dipstick will lessen the possibility of ever hearing that silence. Click here to view the Cessna 310 features guide, Click here to view charts for Resale Values, Payload Compared and Prices Compared, Composite Structures: Limits and Advantages. When the Cessna 310 was first introduced in 1954, the aviation industry was immersed in the aftermath of two major wars. The 310 was the companys only twin for several years. Experienced and diligent first time installers must strive to achieve a tank installation where the tank bay is clean and prepped to provide an abrasion-free home for the bladder; where steps are taken to insure that any wrinkles in the bladders bottom surface are minimized and where the nipples arent pulled out of position or stretched during installation. It exceeds 3000 pounds by the 310C, nears 3200 in the 310P and exceeds 3600 in the 310R (turbo models are heavier still). All rights reserved. As maximum operating weight increased, limits such as maximum landing weight and zero fuel weight became factors. The pilot then takes off without checking, and with the fuel selectors on the main (tip) tanks as required in the POH. Other loading and operating considerations were introduced in the later models. The debate has gone on for many years. First and foremost is the gear, which is relatively delicate and sensitive to proper rigging and maintenance. In an interview with Cessna Flyer, pilot Gale Cawley of USAF, Indiana ANG, and American Airlines experience described his scheduled annual maintenance costs at around $3600 during his 15-year ownership period. The pilot can read the tanks not being used by toggling a switch. Each engine is equipped with a mechanically driven fuel pump which provides fuel to the metering unit. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Parts. Your airplane parts headquarters for everymulti-engine Cessna Aircraft built since 1955! COST EFFECTIVE - UTILIZE THE AIRCRAFT OF OPPORTUNITY as Cessna 206 - Cessna 208 - DHC-2 Beaver- DHC-6 Twin Otter - P-750 - CASA 212 - Short 330 etc. Advertised as at least five years ahead of its competitors, the headline of the Flying magazine article about its introduction was Business Asked For It.. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. Crosswind landings are simple due to good aileron and rudder authority. Vacuum Pump Failure. These brought marginal gains in cruise and top speed but became extremely popular due to the advantages incurred during take-offs and climbs. Finally, the 285-hp versions will do just over 190 knots on 29 gph. Pilots coming from other light twins will recognize the 310's as a large step up; it feels like a much larger, more substantial airplane than, say, an Apache or Travel Air. AOPAs Air Safety Foundation further subdivides accidents and incidents into pilot-caused and machine-caused accidents. A 310 might not be the most expensive (yet) or high-tech airplane you can own, but in my mind flying one is like cruising in one of Detroits vintage big-block V8s: Shes easy to repair, sounds mean, goes fast, and flat-out looks good. Buying Format. Hartzell three-blade propellers are installed in a counter-rotating configuration to cancel out the torque, improve single-engine safety, and allow for the best performance out of the engines. When cruising around 170 KTAS, it is possible to attain a fuel burn of 25 gph, which works out to around four hours in the air plus reserves.
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